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Mae govannen! I'm Laura (INFP, HSP, Hufflepuff), artist/historical linguist/archaeologist/feminist, and here you'll find all of my beloved fandoms, my art, and whatever I find interesting (biggest fandom: Lord of the rings and The Hobbit. Then there's also: Harry Potter. Avatar - The Last Airbender. Avengers/MCU. Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. How to train your Dragon. Disney. Ghibli. Downton Abbey. Period Drama. Star Wars.).:)
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--------------------------------------------- Favourite superhero: *TAURIEL* --------------------------------------------- Favourite female characters: Beth March. Jo March. Sara Crewe. Amélie Poulain. Merida. Mulan. Megara. Astrid Hofferson. Jane Eyre. Jane Bennet. Fanny Price. Molly Gibson. Esther Summerson. Éowyn. Haleth. Dís. Katara. Toph Bei-Fong. Suki. Jinora. Lin Bei-Fong. Hermione Granger. Nymphadora Tonks. Luna Lovegood. Sybil Crawley. Elsie Hughes. Edith Crawley. Isobel Crawley. Daisy. Beryl Patmore. Anna Bates. Frigga. Jane Foster. Sif. Storm. Padmé Amidala. Leia Organa. Ahsoka Tano. Sophie Hatter. Chihiro. Mei. Ronja Rövardotter. --------------------------------------------- Favourite male characters: BOROMIR. 300 lightyears before anyone else. Kili. Fili. Bofur. Radagast. Frodo. Pippin. Faramir. Éomer. Théoden. Aang. Uncle Iroh. Zuko. Mr George. Roger Hamley. Hiccup. Loki. Thor. Bruce Banner. Professor X. Clark Kent. Cedric Diggory. Draco Malfoy. Remus Lupin. Tom Branson. Hercules. Howl/Hauro. --------------------------------------------- Favourite friendships: Loki & Frigga. Thunder Mountain (Thor & Boromir). Boromir & Faramir. Boromir & Merry & Pippin. The Gaang. Mrs Hughes & Mrs Patmore. Éomir (including Gondor bros and Rohan brosis). Jo & Beth. Science bros. --------------------------------------------- My otps: Kiliel. Gimlas. Sybil/Tom. Edith/happiness. Jinko. Kataang. Mericcup. Farawyn. Éothiriel. Helgazar. Drastoria. Remadora. Scorose. Loki/redemption. Loki/Sigyn. Thor/Jane. Storm/Nightcrawler. Hercules/Megara, Jane/Bingley. Jo/Laurie. Esther Summerson/Allan Woodcourt. Molly Gibson/Roger Hamley. Elinor Dashwood/Edward Ferrer. Alice/Uncas. Anne Kennedy/James Strang. Ahsoka/Lux. ---------------------------------------------
Jan 21st - Feb 19th
☒Married to Boromir
There and Back Again Countdown

I jumped on the bandwagon!xD Lord of the Rings rings.:3

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