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Avatar – The Last Airbender: Katara [ESFJ]



Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Katara judges and makes decisions based on her feelings, which usually circle around other people. She is very outgoing and friendly, having no trouble to start a conversation with strangers (for example Haru in “Imprisoned”). Because she feels so strongly for others, she can’t just turn her back on people in need (starting the revolution in the Earth Kingdom, helping the lake village in the Fire Nation in “The Painted Lady”) or take injustice (The Waterbending Master”). “I will never, ever turn my back on people who need me!” She holds the gaang together, taking charge and keeping her hopes up when everyone else has given up (“The Desert“). She’s very protective, even wanting to shield people from an ugly truth (“The Southern Air Temple“). Since she cares so strongly for everyone, some characters feel that she is too motherly (“The Runaway“).


Introverted Sensing (Si): Being both providing and practical, Katara makes sure that the gang has all they need on their trip around the world. She mends her brother’s pants, buys supplies, and knows how to help as a midwife. She is a hard worker and learns to be a Master Waterbender that way, in contrast with Aang’s natural talent (“The Siege of the North, Part 1). Being so emotional and having an excellent memory makes Katara prone to hold grudges and finding it hard to forgive deep wrongs (“The Awakening,” “The Western Air Temple,” “The Southern Raiders”). She prefers familiar ground and doesn’t take much joy from new, physical thrills (contrast penguin sledding with the mail system roller coaster in “The King of Omashu”) or breaking the rules for fun (“The Runaway”).


Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Katara is much more open to new ideas than her brother, though not as susceptible to them as Aang. She immediately embraces the idea of Aang being the Avatar and becoming his new family, she enjoys visiting the fortune teller, and challenges old systems if they are unjust. She can be creative in her ways to help others, for example taking up the guise of the painted lady, and she is able to connect things quickly, for example getting the clues and solving the mystery of a crime quicker than Sokka (“Avatar Day”).


Introverted Thinking (Ti): Logic and analytical thinking don’t play much of a role in Katara’s decision making and more often than not she’s offended at Sokka’s rational approach to a situation in which people are involved. She strives to understand people’s motivation though and struggles when she can’t make sense of it.

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//What do you think Boromir's MBTI type is?


*Gets out Power Point presentation*

Ahem. Where do I even begin…*tries to calm down* Short answer: I think he’s an ESFJ.:)

Long answer, full of feels: Okay, first of all, I think it’s obvious that he’s pretty emotional. And more precisely, his emotions center around people, and that’s where his motivations and decisions come from. He’s dedicated his life to the people of Gondor (and you might say it sort of comes with his position, but how many examples of noblemen who don’t care at all for their subjects are there. If he didn’t care it would be apparent. And he doesn’t just see it as his duty either, he genuinely cares and gets upset when he can’t help), he’s protective, especially of the smaller/younger members of the fellowship, is basically surrogate parent to his brother - we all know the evidence.

I think it’s also fairly sure to say that he’s a pretty obvious extrovert (and boy, after getting deeply into this mbti business, I have moments when I basically can’t tell the difference any more. The more you learn the swampier it all gets.). He likes to interact with people and we don’t get any evidence that he stays a lot for himself (pre-ring madness, I should add) or has the need to isolate himself. He doesn’t beat about the bush with his opinion and has no problem telling it like it is (much to the chagrin of Gandalf) and he’s constantly worrying and proposing ways to make it better. So, those two observations combined make him a Fe-dom (someone with Extroverted Feeling as a first function. I have no idea how deep you’re into mbti, so sorry if I don’t explain it well enough. Basically every type has a unique order of 4 cognitive functions (there are 8 in total), and here is a bit more about the different functions).

So, that leaves either ENFJ or ESFJ. Their functions are as follows:


Fe (extroverted feeling)

Ni (introverted intuition)

Se (extroverted sensing)

Ti (introverted Thinking)


Fe (extroverted feeling)

Si (introverted sensing)

Ne (extroverted intuition)

Ti (introverted Thinking)

They both have the same first and last function, but the big difference is that ENFJs are Intuitives (people with first or second Ne/Ni) and ESFJs are Sensors (people with first or second Se/Si). Now you can find a lot on that on tumblr and on the web, and there are a lot of stereotypes (as with any system that “sorts” people). Basically Intuitives prefer to deal with abstract things, and Sensors with concrete things. Most Intuitives enjoy talking about philosophy, for example, or to analyse ideas, whereas most Sensors would rather do something practical and act in/talk about the material world. I’m saying “most”, because naturally this isn’t a rule, it’s more a sort of guideline.;) It’s always important to remeber that we’re dealing with individuals here (for example, my sister is ESTP and she’s a freaking bookworm. But it’s still obvious that she’s a Sensor, from the way she sees the world and makes decisions).

Now, in my opinion Boromir is a clear Sensor. I’d also say this is the major difference between him and Faramir, beside the extro- and introversion. And looking just at the two middle functions: Ni is about foreseeing, symbolism, and understanding complex patterns. Yes, Boromir is concerned about the future of his people, but anyone who’d care for their people in the current situation would be. It’s not that he’s making any specific plans for the future or has any presentiments or knows intuitively what he has to do (quite on the contrary :(). Si is about recalling, noticing similarities and differences, and learning from past experiences. Boromir is traditional and he doesn’t like to treat unfamiliar ground. He has no interest to see elves or Rivendell or in any of the new places the fellowship travels through. He’s fixed on the idea of using the ring as a weapon, because superior weapons are what defeated enemies in the past. He’s thrown off by the new situation of him being a stranger, and not being in charge. He doesn’t adopt fast and he mistrusts new things and change. He tries to help the group with his knowledge about past experiences (battles, fighting & defending, travelling in the mountains). He’s also very attached to his home and constantly references to it.

About the third function: this function is usually less developed as the first two and becomes stronger as one grows older. It’s also termed the “comfort” function, as well as the “stress” function, because we use it when we are in need of comfort/want to relax/have fun, and it can kick in when we are in a stressful/dangerous situation. So this is usually harder to determine in a fictional character (not to speak of the last function), if we don’t have a trilogy about their inner life. I think Boromir’s Ne isn’t as developed as I’ve seen it in some other ESFJs (for example Katara from Atla), because what was asked of him most of his life was his Si and to act on that. If we had seen more of him in his familiar surroundings, together with his family, I’m sure there would have been hints and glimpses of crazy Ne. But given that he was in a novel situation throughout the books, it shows that he’s trying to solve and cope with stuff more based on his experience and what he knows instead of trying out new ideas or getting inventive (though you might say that his Ne, together with his Fe, is the reason he keeps up with all that his Si clearly deems madness, at all.). I guess you could build a theory around how his Ne and Ti made him paranoid and tried to see the ring as the only logical sollution when he was fully under its influence, but I think the ring generally makes people paranoid and brings out all kind of negative thinking and reasoning (though it would be interesting to compare and analyse how the ring affected people differently).

So yeah, that’s my reasoning.:) So far I’ve seen him typed as ENFJ and ESTJ (though I don’t trust these popular graphic charts at all, because they are based around the premiss that each character has to have a different type and they have little to no reasoning). I also got the impression that a lot of people see him vaguely ESTP-ish, because that’s the stereotype for warriors (like Kili or Thor for example (though Thor has a very well developed third function (Fe) after his big change in the first movie)), though more on the reckless side. But in the end it comes down to your personal headcanon and how you interpret the text. Well, this is my headcanon. Thanks a lot for asking!:D

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