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Mae govannen! I'm Laura (INFP, HSP, Hufflepuff), artist/historical linguist/archaeologist/feminist, and here you'll find all of my beloved fandoms, my art, and whatever I find interesting (biggest fandom: Lord of the rings and The Hobbit. Then there's also: Harry Potter. Avatar - The Last Airbender. Avengers/MCU. Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. How to train your Dragon. Disney. Ghibli. Downton Abbey. Period Drama. Star Wars.).:)
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(( Okay, so for a modern AU for Boromir, I’ve been debating between making him a noble (because that’s still a thing). I’m just a bit hesitant to because I don’t know much about that, though I could easily find out more. It would just take…

I’m glad you like my ideas!:D Tbh, I’m not an expert on Slavic countries either, ahahahaha…I guess the foremost thing would be to pick a country - I’m leaning towards Croatia (wikipedia is always the best starting point, hehe) myself for various reasons (a rather big country with mediterranean climate, the Dinaric Alps as defining mountain range, a long coast with many islands, historically connected to the Romans - all that reminds me of Gondor. Also, I challenge you to listen to the anthem and imagine Boromir singing it, without giggling. Furthermore, just read the names of important dudes from history (Branimir, Zvonimir, Kresimir…).

Since Boromir appears very patriotic in canon (and he’d remember more of their life there than his little bro), I totally see him singing along to Croatian folk music at full blast in his car (much to the embarrassment of Faramir), owning a complete suit of traditional/regional clothing, being adamant about certain rituals on holidays, and, as in canon, being a walking encyclopedia of proverbs.xD I also think the situation would be very interesting in terms of character study - because I think he’d fefinitely would want to return to his country to live there, but he also feels that he has to take care of his brother and father (the latter maybe being too embittered and depressed to want to return?).

Shit, I want to write fanfic now…I’m listening to Croatian tearjerky music and get all these feels (also, look at that landscape, adding it to my vacation list, lol).


Anyone get this feeling of completeness in certain moments? I got it today when I was in the forest, taking pictures. One of those rare moments/states when my inner world completely connected with the outside world. When all of my functions were busy and fulfilled, my Fi feeling to the max, Ne…

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